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For 29 years OCS has provided technology solutions exlusively for dental offices.

Our company owns and publishes a full-featured front desk dental practice management software program along with appointment scheduling, graphical restorative and periodontal charting under the product names Office-Partner and OpChart.

New periodontal charting software - We now offer OpChart Perio Charting as a standalone product for those offices looking for perio charting only. Click here for information located on our web site www.opchart.com.

At OCS we provide software support and links to many of the most popular software programs for dental offices. If you have your own hardware technician, we will be available to provide consultation if needed.

Are you considering moving to a paperless office? If you are, click here to read "the path to paperless".

Please take a moment to read comments from our customer's testimonials, take a look at our screens and then call us at 1-800-779-0664 to receive a personal demonstration provided online.

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