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OCS is an independent company that has been successful for over 29 years creating relationships with our customers.  We build relationships exactly the same way our customers build their dental practices - by providing personal service.  Because our customers have access to everyone at OCS, they have a voice in our company's direction - including receiving our encouragement for software suggestions.  This relationship has resulted in the twenty year evolution of Office-Partner - a product truly built with the help of our customers.

small company providing personal support

Because we are an small independent company, we are able to work with our customers on a personal level and give what large corporations cannot give - time and attention.  Developing software with pride always shows up in the details - sometimes it is the small details that differentiate good software from great software.   Support is crucial to success.  When you call for support at OCS you are connected to the support representative assigned to your office - someone you get to know and trust.  You can be assured that your support representative has years of experience working in your environment - someone who understands the issues of managing a busy dental practice and speaks your language. Creating a great company and a great product is always a team effort - an team that includes our customers.

At OCS, we reject the notion that dealing with large corporate dental software companies is a benefit.  Those big companies have changed management, changed ownership, and in some cases discontinuing support.... even worse, some have abandoned their software entirely.  OCS has always been under the same ownership and has always stayed focused on what we do best - provide great software and great service.

financially solid nearly 30 years

OCS has been financially solid and successful company year-after-year for over 30 years.  Each member of our support staff has been with OCS for over ten years. Additionally, each member of our support team, has many years of dental office experience prior to joining OCS.  

our only business

Developing dental software along with training and support services has always been our only business and will continue to be our only business. We would love to have the opportunity earn your business.  We will happily provide you with references and anything else needed to assist you in your evaluation.  Please call me directly at 1-800-779-0664 to discuss your software needs.


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