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Data Conversion

If you are currently using a practice management software program, you likely are concerned about the disruption of switching software. The following information may be helpful in making the transition.

The Pitfalls

Electronic Data Conversion (EDC)

Converting all of your data automatically from one system to another may seem like a great service and you may have been told it can be done. The truth is, full data conversion just isn't possible - so be wary of those who say it is. The scope of the conversion depends on the software you currently have and the file data structures of that software.

What should you expect? You should expect a clean transfer of patient names, addresses, telephone numbers and the possibility of other personal patient information. Additional information such as transactions, insurance, etc., are possible depending on the software.

We encourage you to call us for conversion information on your current software. We will provide you with specific information on the scope of conversion available and the cost involved.

Getting from Here to There

Now the good news. It really is not a huge undertaking to make the change - if you understand the process. With 23 years of experience behind us and countless data conversions, we recommend the following:

  1. Expect only basic patient information to be converted and ask what it will cost.
  2. Before you "go live" on the new software, you must have the responsible party (the person who gets the bill) entered in to the new system. The information required is comprised of only a name and address. Everything else is not necessary - that is, unless you have the time. With Office-Partner, you can easily enter the basic information in less than one minute per patient.
  3. When you send statements (on your next cycle) from your old system, your patients will see the detail on this final bill. You now enter the patient balance into your new software. This is now the patient's beginning balance in your new software.
  4. Once the patient balances are entered (step 3), you run an A/R report and compare the totals in your new software with the totals in your old software to be certain they match.
  5. After completing step 4, you are now "live" on the new system, and all posting from that point on, is on the new software.
  6. You will need to research patient data on the old system, so it is important that your old software is kept running along side the new software - for research only.
  7. As patients come in for appointments, you confirm the information is correct and enter anything needed in the new system. This spreads out the data entry job over o more manageable time reducing the stress of trying to get it done all at once. The other advantage is not wasting time entering invalid data. This occurs because patients move, change phone numbers, change insurance, change jobs, etc.

If you have been on a system for some time, you should probably consider that changing software is an opportunity to clean up your database and get rid of accounts that are no longer patients.

If you would like more information regarding data conversion, let us know what you currently are using and give us a call at 1-800-779-0664. We would like your "new" software to be Office-Partner from OCS.


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