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Statements - click here to view an example

Office-Partner allows you to print statements anytime of the month and as often as you like! You never need to spend time sorting or tagging because Office-Partner tracks the last statement sent date and only prints a statement if 28 days have passed. It's so easy - and because you can run batch statement cycles more often, you will see your money sooner.

Another nice feature is the "hold statement" button. This feature puts the statement on hold until an insurance payment is posted. Also you have the option to print individual statements at any time in either the "walkout" format or the "monthly" format.

Reports - click here for more information

Office-Partner provides reports for complete control over your data. Reports are the heart of every data driven application, and over the years our customers have actively participated in helping us design reports that are complete and clear. No matter what you need, it can be extracted onto a report because beyond the menu driven reports are user-defined queries that you can easily create. This allows you to build special reports specific to your office needs.

One Screen Design

With Office-Partner you will never be jumping from screen-to-screen. All patient information is clearly defined and organized in to logical groups of data on tabs. The tabs allow you to have complete patient information on the screen and to complete any task required for the patient displayed. Tab design is fast and similar to the ease of opening a patient chart - a chart that has everything neatly organized with tabbed dividers.

On the fly Data Entry

When a piece of patient data is missing, there is nothing more frustrating than to be required to exit what you are doing and go somewhere else in the program to add the missing information. Worse yet, is not even knowing the information was missing. With Office-Partner you are automatically warned that something critical has not been entered. You are then given the opportunity to add it without leaving what you are doing. This is called putting data in "on the fly".

Insurance Processing

Insurance claims may be sent electronically to the WebMD clearing house or printed to paper. Sending via EDI is a accomplished by a simple menu option. All logins, passwords and other connection details are automatically taken care of by Office-Partner. Claims may be transmitted anytime and any batch failures are monitored by our support staff.

Paper Claims can be printed immediately individually or in a batch. Using plain paper, Office-Partner creates the form in the current HIPPA compliment format.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs gives you a concise pulse on your practice. It was created with the assistance of practice management consultants to provide the information you need for staff meetings, consultant reviews and management decisions. The reports are available in printed text or a graphical format call Visual Vital Signs.


Office-Partner includes a built in backup routine that helps protect you from losing data. There are multiple layers of protection including;

  • backup tracking reports
  • multiple subdirectory backup of data on internal drives
  • external device support for removable drives
  • on-line offsite backup option
  • daily warnings of days since last backup
  • secure compressed and encrypted to external drives
  • forced backup prior to statement cycles and month end close

Complete loss of data has never been experienced by any OCS customer in over 28 years! Office-Partner is designed with data protection and security as a top priority - not an afterthought. click here to learn more

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