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With Office-Partner OpChart you get the very best graphical charting software. Click below to view the screens.

OpChart is a tradmark of OCS Dental

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The Path To Paperless

Are you considering becoming a paperless office? Office-Partner is ready to take you there with a completely integrated solution.

On the clinical side, there are two basic categories of clinical software that are needed to become a paperless office:

  1. Clinical Charting Software
  2. Image Management Software

Clinical Charting:

With Office-Partner OpChart you can post all treatment from the operatory using a graphical chart. It is easy, fast and seamlessly integrated. You and your staff do not need to lookup codes and fees, instead you select the treatment by description, and the CDT code with the correct surface and fee is automatically entered on the patient's ledger and immediately ready for insurance processing and billing. It's a one step efficient process that will save you time and avoid costly delays due to posting mistakes. Your front desk will no longer need to wait for charts - they simply click on one button to process the insurance and bill it!

OpChart includes both graphical restorative charting and graphical periodontal charting. If you want to take the next step (eliminating charts), OpChart is your answer.

Eliminate Charts

OpChart takes the handling of charts out of your office routine. All chart notes are easily entered in OpChart and your commonly used chart notes can be saved and retrieved as needed. Any documents that are completed on paper (such as patient registration, health forms, referral letters), can be easily scanned into your image management software using a high speed document scanner. After scanning the document you simply shred the paper. Patient chart information is then available to everyone in your office with computers. Welcome to the digital world!

Those Charts on Your Wall

Going paperless for an existing practice requires discipline and a new way of thinking. The first step is not to pull a patient's chart unless absolutely needed. All treatment and documentation from your start point forward must be entered only in the computer. X-rays, documents and forms must all be in digital format. The other habit to change is not pressing the print button unless absolutely needed. Printing should be reserved for paper that will be leaving your office (such as patient statements).

It may not be your goal to eliminate charts or paper in your office, but it is a worthy goal to reduce the paper you generate. A good place to start would be looking in your patient's charts for duplication of information stored on your computer. Many times the duplication is due to writing down what transpired only to have someone take another step of keying it into your computer. Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate that extra work?

Cost - Today it is affordable, safer, faster, more efficient and cost effective to add computers in your practice. Flat panel screens and smaller more powerful computers have helped remove the space issues. Additionally, computer disk space is inexpensive and we now have massive storage capacity available at very little cost.

Safer - We also offer off-site backup on remote secure servers that eliminate the possibility of lost data. They are automatic every day and secure - the same service big business has used for years is now available to small business.

There are many reasons why is makes sense for your practice to leap forward with today's future. Even if you are looking towards retirement, you can bet the new doctor will put value on your high-tech practice.

* OpChart is a trademark of OCS Dental.


Imaging Software and Hardware:

Image management software provides instant access to your patient's images with a click of a button. Those images may come from:

  • digital X-ray
  • digital camera
  • intra-oral camera
  • scanned images
  • scanned documents

You are free to choose the camera, X-ray system or scanner that best suits your needs and budget - Office-Partner is ready to work with the imaging software of your choice.

These are some of imaging software products we integrate with:

  • PatientGallery / ImageFX
  • Apterx
  • CygnusMedia
  • TigerView
  • Schick CDR Dicom
  • Dexis
  • Sidexis

You make the choice and we link it seamlessly with the click of button. You can instantly view your patient's digital X-rays, scanned X-rays, scanned documents, intra-oral camera pictures or digital camera pictures. No need to re-enter data, Office-Partner brings it all up seamlessly with the click of a button.

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