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Changing Times - Changing Prices

In 1990's our Office-Partner software sold at twice the price we sell if for today - and because we are always improving our product, it's better now than it was back then.

Q. Why is it priced lower?

Back in the 90's we had sales people and development expenses that no longer exist. Because of the Internet, we don't have the advertising, support, sales and service expenses that existed five years ago. Simply put, we can price it lower because our expenses are lower.

Q. How much is it now?


Office-Partner: $3,995


add on options:

Scheduler: $895

OpChart-Restorative and Perio Graphical Charting: $2495

Additional workstation licenses: $250


You can buy the Office-Partner Suite (all of the above) for $6995. The suite price also includes unlimited workstation licenses!*

* this offer is only available when purchased together as a suite.

to order please call 1-800-779-0664

Q. How much is training?

The initial training is included along with telephone support for the first three months.

Q. How can I get a demo?

We provide video demonstrations and on-line demonstrations via the Internet.

Q. How much is the cost of software support?

The first 3 months are included with your purchase. After 3 months you may purchase an extended support agreement for $90 per month or an annual agreement discounted by 10% ($972).

Q. What is included in the support agreement?

The support agreement includes software updates to Office-Partner and telephone support on our toll-free number.

Q. What if I don't buy the extended support agreement?

Software updates can be purchased with pricing based on the new features included in the update. Telephone support is available based on the time spent on the support call. Current rates are available upon request.

Q. How often is the software updated?

Our software is always being improved. Updates are released two to four times per year depending on requests for new features or changes required by such things as HIPAA.

Q. How do I get started?

Give us a call at 1-800-779-0664 and we'll get things going for you.

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