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Training by OCS

Q. Is training included?

A. Yes. Training on Office-Partner and the Scheduler is included for the first sixty days.

Q How much training will we get?

A. OCS will provide complete training without any limitations on hours provided that your staff is all trained as a group.

Q. Were do we get trained?

A. You have the option of coming to our OCS office for your training or we can provide training remotely by connecting to your computer using special communications software. When connected remotely, we can see everything that you see (on your computer), and at the same time talk to you on the phone. For this method to be most effective, it is recommended that you have a broadband (DSL or cable) Internet connection.

Q. Is there a limit on how many of my staff can be trained?

A. No. We just require that each training session includes all members of your staff that need training.

Q. What if I need someone trained after sixty days?

A. Training provided after sixty days may be purchased on an hourly basis from OCS. Many times the outgoing staff trains the new staff resulting in little additional training needed by OCS.

Q. How much time does it take to learn Office-Partner?

A. Each office has different needs and each person learns at a different pace, so it is a hard question to answer. The typical time is several short sessions that accumulate up to about eight hours.

Q. Is there documentation?

A. Yes, there is detailed help available simply by clicking on the Office-Partner help icon. Most of the questions you have, can be found in the documentation. The help documentation may also be printed. By not publishing a manual in printed form, we are able to keep the cost of the software down and readily make program changes with up-to-date documentation.

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